Thank you for making Pride Our Way 2023 a Success!
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Pride Our Way

Virtual Pride Event for the Disabled and Chronically Ill Community


Check out our lineup of amazing artists for 2023 Pride Our Way! Looking for 2022 Pride Our Way performances?  We’ve got those, too!

Even though Pride Our Way is over for 2023, we’ll be back in 2024, even bigger and better!  We rely on your love and support to make this event happen.  Donations are accepted year-round and don’t forget to grab some epic Pride Our Way merchandise!

2023 Pride Our Way Recordings

Opening Ceremonies

Mary Fashik, founder of Pride Our Way and Upgrade Accessibility, welcomes everyone to 2023 Pride Our Way!  With special appearances from Salina Estitties, Miss Brooke Lynn Hytes, Mayhem Miller, Ginger Minj, Kendall Gender, Scarlett Bobo, Thorgy Thor, and Mrs. Kasha Davis to kick off the event!

Adaptive Yoga with Audrey

Gentle adaptive yoga seated class.  Designed specifically for disabled people, but everybody is welcome.  The focus will be on creating space within our body and mind, and taking up that space to build a world worthy of our queer joy. Practice in a chair, mat, bed or couch.  The practice will adapt to you, not the other way around. 

Art Submissions, Part 1

Beautiful art submitted by Monroe, Linds, Annie Grace, Casey Gallagher, Lauren Hollick, Ray Sollar, and Naveen Daniel.  Visual/image descriptions were provided by the artists.

Content warnings: Nudity, talk of homophobia. 

Art Submissions, Part 2

Amazing pieces of art entries by Gabriel Loyd, Maggie Keenan-Bolger, Katrina Dreamer, Ellissa McHenry, and Hunter.  Visual/image descriptions were provided by the artists.

Content warnings: Various stages of undress, talk of eugenics.

Mini Concert

Show-stopping musical performances by Genisis, Jessi, Irina Rivkin, Porch Cat, and Friends and Amigos

Content warnings: Ableist terms, talk of cancer.

Spoken Word and Poem Submissions

Moving and raw submissions of spoken word and poetry submitted by Beckah Shaye, Anusha, Ilyas, and Rosen Turquoise Gordon.

Content warnings have been provided by Rosen Turquoise Gordon before their submission.

Pride Our Way Drag Show

The 2023 Pride Our Way Drag Show featuring Neuro Cosmos, Dick Swagger, Charles Galin, and Pyx Elated. Please be mindful of content warnings. Attendees and viewers should be 18+.

“The disabled and chronically ill community has been excluded from Pride for far too long due to inaccessibility. Pride Our Way will change that.”

– Mary Fashik

Mary Fashik outside surrounded by lush greenery
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